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Software Testing services helps customers to create a functional, scalable and robust software. Our Test engineers in Genix collaborate directly with your team and work towards delivering top-notch full cycle testing for desktop and mobile applications through an efficient quality management process. We constantly engage with you for feedback and provide quick and seamless solution/support to make your product success.


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Manual Testing

Performance Testing

Compatibility Testing

Simulator testing

Our Services

Our various services are

Performance Testing

Quality checks the system for the load and stress parameters to improve the load time and performance.

Compatibility Testing

A thorough check on the software for its fittingness towards various browsers, databases, servers, devices, etc

Automation Testing

We select the right approach, pick the right tools with our team proficient in the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure the software quality.

Mobile App Testing

We cover the performance concerns, user experience, screen resolution, responsiveness aspects for various mobile applications.

Functional Testing

Complete testing on all the functions of the website or app to confirm that it leads to the exact expected outcome.

Compliance Testing

We qualify software products in both external and internal standards.

Web Testing

Our team perfectly examines the overall functionalities, Responsiveness, scalability, compatibility of websites.

Security Testing

We test in terms of security sustention to prevent the software from Hackers and malicious threats.

Agile Testing

We conduct testing through agile methodologies and frameworks.

Exploratory Testing

Ad-hoc testing to find the bugs in a structured and rigorous manner.

Usability Testing

Genix experts check the application work better even if multiple functions are running simultaneously.

Manual Testing

We have a precise manual testing procedure to ensure the quality of the end-product

Load Testing

Check the load capacity of a system, like the number of connections a system can handle.

Stress Testing

Test the whole system to prove whether it can handle the load more than the maximum

Working Process

Our Working Process - How We Work For Our Customers



Analysis & Planning - In this phase the requirement or changes performed in each Sprint is understood and assessed. This is very important to be understood at each sprint so the test schedules and resource planning can be performed and ensure proper planning is in place to address any backlogs and activities from new sprints.



Test Readiness - From our experience each application is different and should have a dynamic testing methodology to add value and based on assessment constant changes might needed. These learnings are used to simplify the testing process as well there by providing better turnaround without compromising on quality.



Test Execution & Defect Management - Based on the efficient planning and readiness the testing is performed based on the test methodologies in their applicable areas and defects are tracked and logged where ever applicable.



Sprint Rollout & UAT - This is the phase where once a Sprint is finalized for release the rollout is planned & UAT results are assessed to ensure quality of rollout. We also provide QA reporting documents with test results, quality and status.


QA Strategies

Based on our understanding of the scope we work on phased approach model to build a robust testing strategy to be more efficient for to the business and the end users.

Manual Testing

  • This process is done by a group of expert test engineers who have foresight to dig inside the application and discover the defects.
  • We create test cases and execute the test cases.
  • The testers will perform the testing across the defined landscape (device, OS, browser, brand etc.) and test scenarios.
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    Automation Testing

  • We build test automation process when the web portal contents grow exponentially.
  • This process needs high-skilled test engineers to build test automation and execution.
  • Once the test automation script is built and tested it can be used as regression script when needed.
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    Simulator/Tools Testing

  • In this method we use proven cloud-based test simulator like Browser Stack, Cross
  • Browser Testing etc.to test the web portal across various devices and browsers.
  • This process is medium effort-level and the outcome is sooner than other methods.
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