Karesmart is a global EHR with mobile app designed for clinical practices and non-profits globally. Karesmart is designed to adapt your healthcare EHR needs from specialty clinics, hospital organizations to any medical facility globally. Karesmart’s integrated solution enable clinics of all sizes to manage their day-to-day activities more effectively world wide

Patient Management

The Practice Management services are your live, in-house partner guaranteeing you practice management efficiencies. We create customizable patient scheduling services so you can view and schedule patients across multiple platforms. You can monitor each patient visit for key time delays and benchmark key reminders for each specific.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacist can access doctor’s prescription and dispense full or partial medicines. Medicine dispense status is updated to patient medical note. System also allows pharmacist to print medical prescription and instruction for the patient.

Lab Management

Lab technnicians can update the lab results electronicaly. The lab result is also attached with the patient medical note for the doctor to view the lab result anytime. Any electronic documents can be attached to the patient medical note.

Analytics & Reporting

Different types of reports are built for various type of users like doctors, pharmacist, lab, administrators etc. The reporting framework also allows users to create custom data visualization and slice/dice the data.

Mobile App

System can also be used as an android application on any android phone or tablet. Features such as Dashboard, patient search, patient overview, and more can be performed through your android devices.

Key Features

  • Enterprise level customer-centric solution
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use web interfaces
  • Responsive design – multiple device and browser compatible
  • Tablet/Phone app for Android OS
  • Customizable workflow and templates
  • Practice specific customization
  • Practice specific customization
  • Offline-online sync with distributed system
  • Highly secure – authentication, authorization, role based access
  • Highly scalable and service oriented architecture
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Centralized database and accessibility
  • Integrates with external system and devices
  • Standard workflow supports most of hospital administration
  • Clinical decision support system based notification