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Our goal is to "make a positive impact in the society through IT". As the initiation, we have chosen healthcare as our primary industry, which has a major impact on human health and wellness through our partners, clients, and stakeholders. We show our commitment and contribution towards our IT services in the healthcare domain. Therefore, we have offered tremendous value to our providers, patients, partners, and communities.

With accelerating growth and need in healthcare, we have invested our passion and focus towards constantly expanding our technology expertise and domain knowledge in meeting the industry demands.

We have a proven track of record and hold several happy clients from clinics, community centers, small to large hospitals from North America, South America, Asian, Europe and African regions.

We keep on expanding our technical expertise and domain knowledge, adopting with clients’ minds to meet the industry demands.

Areas We Serve

Our areas of expertise in healthcare IT

With more than 10+ years of experience in healthcare, we understand that getting access to healthcare for patients and to empower the providers to help make clinical decisions are the major areas need lot of focus.

Single or Group Physician Practice

  • Our solution is highly customizable and provider-specific, which is designed intentionally to save time and effort in technology adaptation.
  • We aim for healthcare providers to invest most of their time in improved patient care.
  • We provide the technology tools that support physicians in engaging with patients to understand their needs and provide high-level consultation.
  • The clients we support accept all major insurances, and the patients can pay using their insurances.
  • Small-to-Large Hospitals

  • We provide various modules and workflow according to the size of the hospitals to carry multiple items like scheduling, patient management, lab within institutions, and pharmacy.
  • We figure out and address the challenges about integration, Implementation, and training of our solution.
  • An important of large-scale applications would be Data migration and clinical data management.
  • We offer highly scalable and interoperable for any of the sizes of the industry.
  • Population Health

  • We can solve health risks by getting healthcare access in rural and remote areas by partnering with a large institution like the government or local communities.
  • The steps we involve in getting access to healthcare and education help medical care providers deliver better medicine or medicinal advice.
  • With the increase in population, the patient, protocol and treatment outcome helps to analyze the data and helps find out the problem early and make a policy decision.
  • Healthcare Agencies

  • We build tools enable the enrollment team to acquire more new patients, patient survey to improve the satisfaction of existing patients.
  • We support the healthcare operations management team using technology and system responsible for the management process of clinical and nonclinical environments.
  • Our white-labeled highly customizable and integrated solutions provide the agencies build reputation, branding, personalized workflow, localization with high flexibility.
  • Our Values

    Everything we do based on our values

    Our priorities speak volumes. Our approach pledges quality. Our action brings commendable outcomes.


    Compliance & Security Standards

    We stand apart due to our diligence towards ensuring HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO & SOC TSP. We commit to those standards with a Business Associate Agreement and sharing regular Audit reports.


    Onestop solution

    We take responsibility for not just the software products and services rather IT infrastructure, compliance, marketing tools, integration and any of your other technology needs.


    Scalable custom services

    We customize our products as per your business demands. We closely review your use case, put together a plan and deliver the solution and shorten the go to market timeline.


    Deep experience in the industry

    We have 10+ years of expertise in the healthcare industry. And we allocate our trained team to work on your project and deliver the project on time and on budget.

    We are BEST

    Healthcare IT Segments

    With the rise in digital health, we are consciously focused towards proactive care model solutions.

    Practice Management

    Improve efficiency and increase revenue for physician offices, clinics and hospitals.


    Patient enrollment and onboarding, Insurance eligibility, Scheduling and reminder, Follow-up etc.


    Manage and access to patient health records information securely, ease to use anytime, anywhere.


    Patient health records, Health history, Diagnosis and treatments, Medications and allergies, Lab & imaging

    Patient Platform

    Empower patients with access to their health records and treatment options improve the quality of care.


    Medical record access, ePrescription and lab results, Health monitoring, Alters and notification, Patient education


    Online consultation and remote patient monitoring made ease of healthcare access and reduce the operational cost.

    White-label Telemedicine, Patient enrollment, Online appointment and payments, eprescription, remote patient monitoring

    Revenue Cycle

    Reducing the operational cost and increasing the revenue ease the operations and lower the patient cost.


    Claim posting, Payment payments, Patient and insurance follow-up, Eligibility and pre-auth, Denials management

    Clinical Data

    Clinical data management, data analytics and visualization gives insight from patient care and outcome.


    Clinical data analytics and visualization. ICD10, CPT, LIONC, SNOMED codification, HL7, CDA, FHIR, Data interoperability, Data exchange, Specialty specific data

    Pharmacy Management

    Keep track of medicines in stock inventory and drug administration, electronic prescription.


    Drug-to-drug interaction, ePrescription and dispense, Stock & inventory management, Purchase & returns

    Lab & Radiology

    Physician lab ordering to diagnose problems, lab result abnormality and direct-to-consumer lab order.


    Real-time data feed, Device integration, Abnormal result alerts, Lab test management, Online lab test ordering

    Clinical Decision

    Clinical decision support system helps health providers and patients make better decisions.


    Diagnosis & treatment protocol, Clinical intervention, Data analytics and prediction, Alerts and notification


    Our Products

    Based on our understanding of the scope we work on phased approach model to build a robust testing strategy to be more efficient for to the business and the end users.

    DrCare247 is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that makes online consultation easier for physicians/providers and patients/clients.


    Customized communication API solution that gives the ability to integrate Video/Audio calling, messaging, recordings, and other communications functionalities.


    ONC certified platform for practice management, EMR, and revenue cycle management build focused on US-based single or group physicians practices.


    Healthcare IT services

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    Application Development

    We build highly safe and secure HIPAA compliance custom app, product (Stand-alone, SaaS) for mobile and desktop apps with the help of the latest technologies.

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    EDI and Data Services

    Healthcare data and code like SNOMED, ASC X12, CPT/HCPCS, ICD, HL7, CDA, FHIR, Direct messaging, ETL, Clearinghouse etc. Exchange healthcare data between different interoperable systems through FHIR format.

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    API Integration

    We have a skilled team that is highly experienced in external, internal, and local integration for both batch and read-time using APIs for drug, lab, interventions, etc.

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    Data Analytics

    Our solution provides patient health data analytics for diagnosis, treatment protocol, clinical decision, and early risk deduction. Along with that, we empower data visualization, self-driven analytics for stakeholders.

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    iOTs and Devices

    We enable real-time, time-sensitive clinical data exchange from lab/portable device to cloud stream for analytics.

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    Compliance and Security

    Certified specialists are available to build secured infrastructure with HIPAA, PCI DSS, PHI, PII compliance. We guarantee vulnerability checks and penetration tests for data security.

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