To protect individuals’ identities, we have intentionally blurred the images of children in this content.
In a meaningful outreach effort, the GENIX team recently conducted a philanthropic event aimed at empowering the community in and around Thirupalaivanam village. As part of our GSR activities, we distributed essential items, including fishing nets, shovels, containers, mugs, and buckets, with a focus on promoting self-employment opportunities. Our team members actively participated in the distribution, reaching out to individuals to enhance their livelihoods through these essential tools. The event was marked by a spirit of generosity and community service, reflecting GENIX’s commitment to making a positive impact on society. For a more detailed account of this impactful event and other ongoing initiatives, we invite you to visit our GSR Activities page. Stay connected as we continue our journey of contributing to meaningful causes that align with our values and commitment to corporate social responsibility.