Since the technology battle started, there are different companies introducing different techniques to solve user problems in their unique way. As IBM introduced personal computers with Microsoft, Apple introduced their Macintosh with their OS. Later, when Apple introduced the iPhone, Google competed with Android devices. This blog is not about who is the tech giant or which technology has better eco system, etc. 


We speak about the development of applications using Cross Platforms.

Let’s get answers for 5Ws (What, Why, When, Where, Who).

What is Cross platform software?

Cross platform software are the softwares that are indented to work alike in different environments. Here, environments refer to different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and web browsers.

Cross platform in a single sentence is: “Code once, deploy tons.”

Why should we go for Cross platform development?


1.      UI/UX consistency

As the UI and UX are the ultimate driving factor of an successful application, we can achieve a consistent user interface and experience across different nature of devices. Each and every screen, animation, and flow can be choreographed similarly.


2.      Efficiency and effectiveness in development 

It would be simple to manage the code base of all the applications in a single place. In this way, all the platforms get synced updates and features. Development teams can also maintain and deploy changes in single place.


3.      Reduced development cost

One of the main things in development is cost of resources. While using the cross platform development as a building model, costs can be cut significantly. Single development will support all platforms.

When to use Cross platform?

When the business application has to be deployed in a variety of platforms with similar UI and UX.

Where to use for Cross platform development?

As the native apps have access to the device’s security and hardware, cross platform frameworks may have hiccups in this. The developers will always have to choose based on the app’s business needs.  


Who are key players in cross platform development and who develop their apps?

            The key players of Cross platform development are:

1.      React Native

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • com
  • Flipkart
  • Tesla
  • Pinterest, etc

2.      Xamarin 

  • UPS
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
  • Microsoft News | Microsoft
  • American Cancer Society, etc

3.      Phone gap

  • FanReact by FanReact
  • Localeur by Localeur
  • Snowbuddy by We Make Awesome Sh
  • Sworkit by Nexercise Inc
  • BrowserQuest by Mads & Peter Sandberg Brun
  • Yoga+Travel by Velkat IT Solutions Inc. / Yoga By Allison
  • Hockey Community by Oki Technologies Inc.
  • Bit Timer by Peiter Buick
  • Logitech Squeezebox™ Controller by Logitech Inc.

4.      Unity3D

  • Cuphead by StudioMDHR
  • Baymax Dreams by Simon J. Smith
  • Industries: 9 DeKalb by SHoP Architects


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