On May 25th, our team embarked on a compassionate journey to support the communities residing in the Thanikand and Karmambu Kattu Pathi Tribal Villages. Thanks to the generous contributions from various apartment complexes and sponsors, we gathered essential items such as clothing and educational materials. These donations were carefully packaged and delivered to 55 families living in Thanikandi and Karmambu Kattu Pathi tribal villages, situated approximately 60 kilometers from Coimbatore.The educational attainment in these communities generally does not exceed the 4th grade and residents sustain themselves through small shops in the Velliangiri hills and forest agriculture.

Our objective was to provide substantial assistance and bring joy to those in need. Through collaborative efforts, our aim was to make a meaningful positive impact on the lives of residents in Thanikandi and Karmambu Kattu Pathi tribal villages, demonstrating our commitment to supporting and empowering our communities.