Our Values

The values we grow by


Put people first

We strongly believe that happy employees make happy customers and thus a successful organization. We ensure our employees are acknowledged and respected with worthwhile guidance and support.


Upskilling and development

With the growth of the career, skills must grow simultaneously. We encourage inter-team learning by hosting technical team events, internal development programs like a hackathon, career mentorship, etc.


Complete through the whole of

We run towards the aim and perfection of what we start to do. We strongly believe in the fact that half job done is no job done. We finish what we started perfectly.


Forerun the change

To reach new heights, we need to create a pathway. We know, develop and inspire each individual in our team. We create a culture of transparency and trust among us.


Learn and share

Effective communication is very essential while raising towards the growth. We create an environment for learning and sharing the knowledge gained, and reward it.


Work and grow together

Minds together lead to innovative ideas, greater and faster results. We put our efforts hand-in-hand, learn from one another, therefore increase productivity to reach a common goal.

Employee benefits


Flexible working hours

We do not have the habit of micro-managing our people. We hope flexibility in working hours will improve work-life balance and overall production results.


Paid time off

An employee who contributes to a company eventually needs a break. We attach importance to our employee's personal circumstances, sick days, and vacation time.


Training sessions

Genix is always hepped-up to find the inner potential of every individual to raise them by providing hands-on training in technical and non-technical aspects.


Health and wellness

To us, employee health is cardinal. We make sure everyone is taken care of. We have many initiatives regarding this for our team including medical insurance.

Life at GENIX


Open to challenges

Being introduced to new challenges improves one's career performance and acts as a perfect opportunity to enhance one's skills. We always create the environment to meet new challenges.


Put ideas first

No seniorities, no ranks, no other discriminations come first. Genix respects and welcomes every fresh idea and the minds behind it. We bring out a proposed solution and get into action.


Work and play together

A Job becomes more than a job when it is fun-filled. We appreciate employees' emotions and pave way for their mental health. We get together at regular intervals and have fun with our team.


Appreciation rewards

Happier employees are more productive. We conduct employee recognition and reward programs now and then to acknowledge the employees' contribution towards the goal of our company.

Hiring Process


Whenever there is a search for new talent to join our team, we get many applications from various mediums. Our HR team reviews the applications, and the responses for respective applications are sent to the candidates.

Assessment and interview

If a candidate’s profile suits our requirements, the interview is scheduled. The initial screening is done by the HR team and is assessed by the tech lead for the skills. And we check out if they will be the best cultural fit for our team.


We respect every individual’s time. After all the assessments and checks, the results are shared within one or two days with the candidate through email or call. If hired, we make sure the smooth and quick onboarding process.

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